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DC Metro Food Tour Offers Gourmet Pop Tarts, Politics and More

Savor Saint Louis Food Tour’s tour guide Shawna recently visited DC and, of course, had to check out DC Metro Food Tour’s Capitol Hill Food Tour for us and report back.


We’re happy to say she had, not only a tour that satisfied in food sampling, but on learning about the rich history of DC as well.


On this day, the food tour hosted 10 people which included Shawna and two of her friends who have lived in the DC area for more than 10 years, but admitted they did not know much about the Capitol Hill area.


After you’ve been a tour guide for a while and you go on other tours, your tour guide instinct kicks in a bit, which is exactly what happened with Shawna. Before the tour started and their guide showed, Shawna delved in to gather the crowd together so everyone was ready and primed when the guide appeared.


Their guide, Michael, the group learned is also a congressional assistant, which made him a perfect fit to give a tour around Capitol Hill. According to Shawna he “shared the development background of the area from DC’s earliest days as well as dirt about current neighborhood politics,” and lots and lots of trivia. Too much to share in this blog; you’ll just have to take the food tour to find out yourselves.

Now, to the part everyone came here to read about — the food.


Shawna shared that, while the Capitol Hill area is rich is American history and tradition, the “food stops reflected an international diversity that felt much more modern.”


Did you know that DC has one of the highest concentrations of El Salvadorans in the US? So a stop to try their Central American staples: beef carnitas, plantains and yucca, “made perfect sense.”


The group also sampled Indian dishes and Greek tapas.

Shawna’s favorite stop on this food tour happened to be a spot featuring gourmet pop tarts. Yes, you read right, gourmet pop tarts. The name of said spot is Ted’s Bulletin, a sleek-yet-retro soda shop design that features several boozy and caffeinated treats in addition to pastries and is apparently an extremely popular DC spot.

The list of stops on this day included: Capitol Hill Tandoor and Grill, Las Placitas, Cava Mezze, and Ted’s Bulletin.


The tour ended after a punctual three-hour tour with happy, and sated food tour guests. A win-win for all involved.