Central West End Food Tour

$52 per person (kids rates available)

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Delmar Loop Food Tour

$52 per person (kids rates available)

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Savor the Flavors of the Historic Central West End of Saint Louis

  • Caprese Salad

    In the tradition of the Italians.

  • Porchetta Sliders

    The all-star miniature sandwich.

  • Small Plates

    From a handful of local restaurants.

  • Toasted Ravioli

    A Saint Louis tradition.

  • Hot Chocolate, Pizza, and other Small Bites

    From Saint Louis' most popular eating establishments.

  • Thin Crust Prosciutto Pizza

    A Saint Louis favorite.

  • Bissinger's Chocolates

    From the world-renowned chocolatier.

  • Pizza from Pi

    An award-winning and presendential favorite.

Our tours explore Saint Louis’ historic, chic corridor, the foodie heaven of the Central West End.

Savor Saint Louis Food Tours will offer visitors to Saint Louis, as well as Saint Louis natives, an unparalleled chance to visit top Central West End restaurants with each tour. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides will not only shepherd our patrons to the restaurants, they’ll offer a variety of historical, architectural and civic thoughts as we walk through one of Saint Louis’ most eclectic, beautiful neighborhoods. While guests won’t have a chance to stop at all of the amenities along the way, we’ll tip you to the best of the neighborhood, which we invite you to stay and visit, post-tour. Bring comfy shoes, an appetite and your curiosity, as all will be tested and satisfied as we bring you a unique view of Saint Louis’ most colorful neighborhood.

A visit to Saint Louis isn’t complete without a trip to the Central West End.

Those from outside the Saint Louis region will be especially impressed by the “full neighborhood” feel of the Central West End, which includes businesses catering to area residents, fine boutiques, one of the largest medical communities in the Midwest and, arguably, the most-international pocket of Saint Louis, with multiple languages heard on any trip through the lovely streets of the Central West End.

Our stops: a mix of old-school and new-school.

The restaurants we’ve selected for you (subject to change on occasion) range from one of the oldest and best-regarded Welsh pubs in the United States, with ties dating back to the Gaslight Square era, to contemporary hot spots. We will visit a classic chocolatier offering a variety of fanciful chocolate treats. We highlight newer neighborhood staples – sister restaurants – one is a hip, sushi bar (Saturday tours) and another is a classic whiskey-focused gastropub (Friday tours). We will check out the most-acclaimed new pizza joint to call Saint Louis home in years, with a mini-chain throughout Saint Louis and Washington DC; the Central West End’s version serves as a morning coffee shop, as well. And we will visit one of the best Italian restaurants in the city offering fine Italian cuisine with a European flare.