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14 Reasons Why You Should Take a Food Tour

a person holding a doughnut
Who knows best why you should take a food tour? Why our food tour guides, of course. They’re on the streets, making sure our guests have a great experience and want you to, as well. They’ve also learned from our guests many reasons why they chose to take a walking food tour.


  • It’s something great for the “person who has everything”
  • It’s an experience that can be shared with others
  • It’s something people won’t think to buy for themselves
  • Sharing a meal is a great way to bring friends and family together
  • Taking a food tour brings the discovery of new things to do and talk about
  • It’s a great way to experience new food and learn more about the area you’re in at the same time
  • St. Louis has one of the best food cultures in the country — a food tour is a great way to get a ‘taste’ of that culture
  • It’s something that takes up no room in the house
  • Studies shows money spent on experiences brings far more and longer-lasting satisfaction than money spent on things
  • It’s a nice way to entice people out to new places/experiences in a safe, friendly way
  • It’s a splurge gift for folks who don’t treat themselves much or have time/money to get out to eat very often
  • A food tour packs a lot into one experience
  • Even if you think you know an area, you just might learn something new
  • You’ve gotta eat