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Savor Saint Louis in Vienna

Food tours truly are a great way to get to know more about the local food, area and customs. One of the best parts of being involved in the food tour industry is making it a point to try other food tours when traveling.


Recently Shawna, one of our tour guides, had the opportunity to take the Vienna Food Tour in Austria on her trip to Europe.


Only four stops in the 3.5 hour tour meant more time for relaxing at each stop and conversing with the others on the tour. Shawna and her husband made some wonderful new connections among the Brits and other Americans by the end of the tour.


First stop was at Lugeck, a Viennese tavern “in one of the most picturesque and storied buildings in Vienna” for beer and appetizers that, as Shawna stated were “almost too pretty to eat.”


You can’t go to Vienna and not have sausage and beer, which is what the second stop was all about.


The third stop along the tour was at Marco Simonis, a slick, upscale bistro for entrées. Shawna chose one of the favorites, a Käse Spätzle, for dinner along with a glass of house red wine.


The last stop at Cafe Englander, a classic Viennese cafe for dessert. The tasting included schnapps, crepes and pastries.


With an abundance of food and drink, none of the food tour guests went away hungry and were sated enough to stay warm on a cold winter’s night.


The focus of this tour was almost solely on food and drink, with just a dash of history tossed in every now and again. One of the favorite stories they learned along the way was about Empress Sisi, supposedly the “Kim Kardashian of her time.”